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2 cabella world festival, august 2010


In the 5 days between Shri Krishna Puja and Shri Ganesha Puja, the 2010 Cabella Worldfestival will take place. More than a 1.000 Sahaja Yogis from all corners of the world are expected to gather in Cabella to share 5 days of joy and introspection and exchange their experiences on many different topics related to Sahaja Yoga. During daytime hours there will be seminars and workshops on a wide range of subjects related to the practice and the spreading of Sahaja Yoga. Every evening there will be programs with music, dance, drama and other expressions of our creative talents. To make this Festival a truly collective event, your help and suggestions are very much needed. Therefore we want to include ideas from all the Sahaja Yogis from around the globe. We would like to make the most of this opportunity and invite you to participate in a festival which involves performances of theatre, dance and music every evening and, during the day, a schedule for seminars, workshops and other events on a whole range of topics. It will be a great collective event, full of opportunities for exchanging experiences, learning from each other and simply enjoying each other’s company. It will also be a profoundly spiritual experience in which each one of us can deepen the connection with our beloved Mother and reflect on how to better bring Sahaja Yoga to the seekers of this world. Workshops and seminars We ask you to share with us your ideas about workshops during the Festival. Which developments in Sahaja Yoga do you find particularly important? What would you like to happen during the Festival and which topics would you like to be included in the workshops? Are there any successful projects and initiatives in your centre or country that you would like to share with brothers and sisters from all over the globe? Please send your suggestions to us and we will see how we can include these ideas in the program. Evening cultural programs Similarly, for the evening programs we are looking for artists and contributions from brothers and sisters from around the world. Let us know if you would like to perform songs, poems, dance or other creative expressions in front of a fine audience of Sahaj brothers and sisters.