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Sending light and joy into the hearts of the people

These are events organized by Meta Modern Arts, or performed by some of the MMA members

2° Festival Della Cultura Dello Spirito, July 2010

si ringraziano tutti coloro che, venuti a cabella hanno partecipato al festival e con entusiasmo ci hanno sostenuto, hanno con...

5th Edition of Nirmala Arts Academy, July 2010

Testimonials "gives a very nice feeling of being one big family. very inspiring and fun. the teachers have amazing talents and make the learning very joyfu...

Eternity in an hour by TEV, September 8th 2009

Eternity in an hour, an original work written by tim bruce and devised by the tev ensemble, is based on the life and genius of the revolutionary british artist ...

1° Cabella World Festival, August 2009

in the five days between krishna puja and ganesha puja we expect a large number of sahaja yogis to remain in cabella to attend both events.  we would...

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