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Bruno Descaves

General Information:
Bruno has given over three thousand performances world-wide. He has won a number of awards in recognition of the artistic singularity of his performance and has been invited to take part in festivals, as well as give interviews for and take part in TV programmes. It is precisely the unconventional nature of his shows that has made him stand out from the crowd and has brought him success. His shows are full of action, humour and surprises, enchanting people of all ages and cultures. prizes · Good Impression Prize: Shizuoka International Festival · Honorable Mention: Marugane Castle Festival · Best Entertainer Prize: Shizuoka international festival festivals · Noge Daidogei Festival (Japan) · Recreation and Puppet Carnival in Kagawa (Japan) · Inasa Puppet Festival (Japan) · Hitachi International Festival (Japan) · Marugane Castle Festival (Japan) · Covent Garden Street Performers Festival (UK) · Festival international de Marionetes de IDA (Japan) · Four Seasons Hotel (Japan) · Prince Hotel (Japan) · Novotel (Burundi) · Manu Dibango Concert (Burundi) · Toramaruza Theater (Japan) · Puk Theater (Japan) · Amnesty International Concert (Norway) · Ansan Int’l Busking Art Festival (Korea)


City: rio de janeiro

Country: Brazil

Telephone: +552192153948





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