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sanjay talwar

General Information:

Singer and Composer, I am the author of the several Sahaj bhajans, that are sung by yogis across the globe in Pujas & Public programs.

On deputation for any kind of Sahaj assignment, I would like to contribute to the growth of Music & Sahaj Culture in the world, on the lines taught to me by Shri Mataji, as also create a bonding among all musicians and artists across the globe, to join hands and perform concerts for peace and realisation. I am keen to bring synergy among yogis to take only to the path of love, forgiveness and compassion in taking forward the mission of our Mother. Bring unity among all brothers and sisters in Sahaj and teach basic nuances to our yuva shakti & collectives, in strengthening their beliefs and delivering their best to the seekers. I would like to help, guide and teach the youth and other on the protocols of SY and how to create harmonious living amongst ourselves as a united force of Sahaj yoga. I know, that with the right kind of teamwork, I will be able to motivate many.


Jai Shri Mataji


Sanjay "Roshan" Talwar



City: New Delhi

Country: India

Telephone: +91 9811203017





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