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In all forms of art the vibrations of the artist pour through the canvas or resonate in the notes of their work. Great art that touches the core of our inner psyche and enlightens our being is timeless. Sadly so much art is an expression of a distorted and grotesque personality being unleashed into the public domain. Whilst such art may titillate and sensationalise, it fails to inspire humanity to greater deeds and ideals, and history will judge it accordingly.

This site showcases artists from around the world that are practitioners of Sahaja Yoga Meditation. Many of them, after receiving 'self-realisation' found their artwork changing; they found new inspiration and had a far greater understanding of the deepest aspects and principles of art. For them there is the experience of 'vibrations' – a feeling of cool breeze on the hands when experiencing something that is true, and nourishing to the soul. Thus art is not judged with the mind on the basis of "style" or "taste"; but it is felt with the heart, and on the hands.

Art that provides inspiration and draws our attention to the joy and wonder of our being, produces great vibrations. Similarly a beautifully cooked and presented meal, prepared with joy and love not only tastes delicious but also satisfies our nutritional needs, leaving us feeling healthy and content.

Whatever work or service we are performing we can make it beautiful or disjointed, depending upon our own vibrational balance. When we see art that has been produced by a realised soul, strikes a harmonic chord within. Our being resonates with it and we feel our spirit is uplifted. As the spiritual growth reaches a high level, the art emerges as a kind of ethic and moral. Therefore, an artist needs to develop his original spirituality and put it in practice.