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About Us

Art beyond nations & cultures, beyond time & space

Meta Modern Arts is a no-profit cultural association founded in Turin in 2007 to promote culture that seeks inspiration in the values of the spirit and in universal ethical principles.

Meta Modern Arts takes inspiration from the message of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, whose aim is the emancipation of mankind as revealed in her book: 'The Meta Modern Era'.

The MMA intends to stimulate intercultural works that provide a profound message of sublime beauty and harmony in an art that not only unifies but forms an essential part of the common wellbeing.

In order to attain its aims the association will:

  • Organise theatre and dance performances, concerts, art exhibitions, competitions and any other cultural activities.
  • Organise courses and workshops in theatre, dance, music, film, video, photography, painting, language and communication.
  • Produce multimedia material,audio, cd roms,dvds,and internet sites.
  • Publish written studies and research, books, catalogues and programmes of organised events.
  • The organisation may carry out its activities in collaboration or association with any other public or private institution with similar aims.